Skateboarding hopes to strengthen IOC ties in Nanjing

28 Jul 2014

Skateboard profile © Stanley Chou/Getty Images

DEMO SPORTS: The president of the International Skateboarding Federation hopes to build understanding of his sport during next month’s Youth Olympic Games.

Skateboarding will be among the sports showcased in the Nanjing 2014 Sports Lab, an area that will highlight sports which may in the future merit Olympic inclusion.

ISF president Gary Ream tells Around the Rings the completion of the YOG course is no longer a concern despite earlier miscommunications.

“It is what we asked for. Sometimes, the road getting there may be a little rough, but the road ended up where we wanted it to be.”

Ream said the course will serve as a lasting legacy of the Games for children growing up in the Chinese city.

“It’s a park that beginners can progress on.”

Now, Ream says his attention has shifted to making the most of his sport’s time in the IOC spotlight. He says the skateboarding delegation will include a “fair representation” of the world of skateboarding.

“I’m just hoping we’re all going to sit around like Christmas dinner. We’re going to share stories and we’re going to share activities, and I hope when we all leave the IOC has a better understanding of skateboarding from top to bottom, and we also have a better understanding of the IOC.”

The skateboarding course in Nanjing will feature a pair of daily street and vert exhibitions from August 17 to 27. Renton Millar of Australia and Leticia Bufoni of Brazil will be among the international athletes demonstrating their sport.

The opportunity to participate in the Sports Lab came to the ISF in late 2013. Wushu, sport climbing, and roller sports will also be showcased in the Sports Lab, though no medals will be awarded.

Written by Nick Devlin
Courtesy of Around The Rings