Day 11, Wed 27 Aug

Day 11, Wed 27 Aug

*Times are in local Nanjing time (CST). Australian EST is 2 hours ahead of the times above (ie 1pm CST = 3pm EST). This schedule highlights events Australians are likely to be competing in. Events are listed in chronological order.

Freestyle – 100kg Pool B Round 1. D Ceacusta (MDA) bt B Pratt (AUS) 4-0, M Rozykulyyev (TKM) bt F Yakubov (TJK) 3-1
Round 2. F Yakubov (TKM) bt B Pratt (AUS) 4-0, D Ceacusta (MDA) bt M Rozykulyyev (TKM) 4-0
Round 3. D Ceacusta (MDA) bt F Yakubov (TKM) 4-0, M Rozykulyyev (TKM) bt B Pratt (AUS) 4-0
Placement 7-8. E Garcia Betanzos (MEX) bt B Pratt (AUS) 4-0

BOYS: Gold medal: Australia 3 (A Rasmussen 2 M Hednry) drew Canada 3 (A Sidhu 2 V Sandhu) (AUS won penalty shoot out 3-2)

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